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Ultralow Power 2.4GHz Wireless RF Transceiver Nordic Semiconductor ASA This is a semiconductor supplier that specializes in 2.4GHz RFIC. This is unique technology without the need for standard royalties of Bluetooth and Zigbee or added costs, such as logo certificates, and also with a battery life that is viable on a scale of several years. Moreover, synchronous communication is possible and the lineup of products is compliant with the ANT series, in which radio communication between coin battery equipment is possible, and also Bluetooth Low Energy standards (Bluetooth 4.0 Single Mode), which is expected to serve as the next generation of the Bluetooth. Nordic is the industry leader in the field of low-cost, low-power communications.
Application Examples

Portable devices, PC peripherals, sensor devices and hobby products, etc.

The ultra-low power consumption ANT device supports channels. It can make not only single communications possible but also a master-slave network built.

Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity IC It integrates a fully compliant Bluetooth v4.0 low energy radio, Link Layer, and Host stack and is specifically designed for Bluetooth low energy applications that operate in the Peripheral (Slave) role.
<Bluetooth low energy technology>
It is an enhancement to the Bluetooth Core Specification and brings Bluetooth wireless connectivity to low cost, small battery operated devices that require months to years of battery lifetime. 
Connectivity IC
It features ultralow power 2.4GHz RF transceiver and a fully embedded enhanced ANT protocol stack.plus a flexible serial interface supporting a wide range of external application microcontrollers. 
<ANT Protocol > 
ANT is proven, ultralow power, flexible and easy-to-use network protocolfor 2.4GHz ISM band  communication. ANT  provides multivendor interoperability  via  the ANT+ managed network and the member companies of the open ANT+ Alliance. 
with Flash MCU
It  features ultralow  power  2.4GHz RF,  8-bit  MCU, and  embedded  Flash memory.  OTP MCU version is available for low cost solution.
with USB & Flash MCU
It features ultralow power 2.4GHz RF, 8-bit MCU, full-speed USB 2.0 device controller, and embedded Flash memory. OTP MCU version is available for low cost solution.